Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Whats going on @FrostmourneMC?

Minecraft 1.2 to be released soon.

You all may be excited for this new upcoming update! but there are a few problems, as always with updates. First! IF you update the moment it's offered to you, You will not be able to join the server at all! As I won't be able to update the server for an unknown amount of time.

  The reason for this is that once Minecraft updates, Bukkit has to also be updated.  and once bukkit updates, ALL of the needed plugins that we absolutely need to make the FrostDimensions core functions work, Also need to be updated.  Last time an update came around..  We were waiting weeks, and months before I could get the FrostDimension live again.  ..This all was a bunch of time. and work!

  While waiting for these updates, The world "Bathalon" was created, This world was to sort of.. tide us over until the FrostDimension could become live once again, And as with most worlds, we became attached to the structures and features Bathalon withheld. 

  What happens with this server in the next couple weeks, or months, (who knows?) will determine what we do in the mean-time of waiting for everything to catch up.

Moral of the story: DO NOT UPDATE YOUR CLIENTS UNTIL GIVEN THE GO AHEAD! Unless of course ..*sniff* you dont want to join the server for who knows how long. 

One thing I may recommend, Is updating your regular, stock minecraft clients to 1.2, But keeping spoutcraft in 1.1. Which most likely wont be updated right away anyways!  Then you can have the best of both worlds.