Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Whats going on @FrostmourneMC?

Authors wanted!

Have time on your hands? ;)  Want to help improve the website?

I could really use the help of others to document and write out all the features and plugins of the server. 
As well as steps, instructions, and commands on how to use each feature. This will help lower questions, as well as increase player capabilities. I think with the correct documentation, and display of information. The lot of features we have will be a lot more useful to those who know, and don't know about them, or are unsure how to use them and why we use them.  My main gripe lately has been about the Spoutcraft Game Client, Because a lot of the features and work I have been doing completely revolve around this client. I have been doing this because I believe the features it offers compared to the stock client are much more enjoyable.

So if you are willing to help with any such ideas, by means of improving site documentation, or content all around. It would be greatly appreciated!  

-To apply or inquire, Please PM me, orwrite on my wall here:  FrostEnergy's Profile



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