Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Whats going on @FrostmourneMC?

Upcoming Changes and upgrades to the FrostDimension

Tonight the Frostdimension will be down for a short while, Hopefully not for too long. But I will be migrating the server onto an SSD tonight!  So I hope this brings us a good amount of performance.

Also, I have come to realize that the FrostDimension is the only minecraft server I am hosting for us. Which made me then realize, that the need for a port that is different (port 44)  is no longer neccesary.  So once I find out what all will need to change that is tied to this port. I will be doing that, as quick as I can.  I also plan to host a second minecraft server, that is at port 44, without a whitelist, that will simply put you in an adminium box, letting you know that the port has changed! :)  Seems like a simple idea to me!

Another cool thing I discovered last night about the FrostDimension, is how it deals with lag, It seems like its almost entirely Per-world lag.  For example, I myself was in the FrozenCity, I spawned about 4000 mobs, and my player Frost_Energy was eventually experiencing seconds, to minutes of lag. Wherein my second player FrostFiction and Abeytuhanu, were both in different worlds, with no lag at all.  Thought that was pretty cool!  Yey Multi-Threading ^_^