Monday, December 22, 2014
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Whats going on @FrostmourneMC?

Join us in the FrostDimension!

We have plenty of new features coming along in this world, But you will need to be using the Spoutcraft game client to enjoy some of the best. 

We are now using a plugin called mcMMO, which gives you new abilities and greater strengths to overcome your foes, either in survival, or in PvP form. The mcMMO plugin also has an online leader board to show who has the highest power level!

There is also an online auction house offered here to buy and sell your items to other players and eachother, The server itself will also offer up items for sale, if you need something that you can't find here, we can happily add it for you! Just let us know.
To go along with the Auction house, we also have an iConomyBoard, a leader board to show who has the most money! 

And one of the most helpful features here is the Livemap, an online google maps like feature that shows where you are, as long as other players, and world spawn points. This map includes all dimensions in the server.

All of these features can be accessed by hovering your mouse over the "FrostDimension" tab along the top of this website.