Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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Whats going on @FrostmourneMC?

Whats happening @FrostmourneMC

(Note: The minecraft servers have been updated to version 1.7.3! we can haz pistonz)



Due to preposterous amounts of griefing, The Roleplay server (port 401) Has been Converted to a Whitelist only world. To request access, Find a way to conact me. One method being to email me at tysonscott2002{at} I Hate having to make A world private, But I hate immature people even more.


I AM A BANANA!! :D   -Frosty


Well, To start things off. The GarrysMod server is back up! But its completely stock! no mods, or addons. This doesn't mean its going to stay this way. It was just so overclogged with addons it made joining simply impossible without already having them. So I've decided to start over, and add only the truely necessary, or most popular / wanted Mods. And of course, I do understand that Garrysmod certainly is not Minecraft, BUT even I as a server admin. need a break From Minecraft every now and then. Thats the idea of this portion of the server! So if you have ideas, or mods you would like to see on this server, please post your ideas up on the forum. For this is going to be the most sure way I will not only see it, but be able to get back to it later on. Aside from Gmod, We have been trying to migrate any, and all communication to the forum, for documentational and organization reasons. Its completely able and I Check it often for any needs, requests, and problems. As it stands we as admins are and can get very busy, so having a place to check up on, on our own time. is extremely helpful!

Server-Wide Notice

All worlds have been updated with Bukkit, meaning we now have new commands for OP's and players. You can find more info at You can find more information about the worlds, as well as the rules on their profile pages. By going to the worlds tab, then hitting the corresponding link.

Frostmourne Radio

Frostmourne is now hosting our very own shoutcast radio station! (hosted by our very own Frost_Energy) Use this download to get our station file, then play it in your favorite Music player! (note: this file is streamable in iDevice web browsers, ex: iPhone) You can view current station info on This Page Or, if you would like to listen to the station online, you can visit the Radios Personal web page Here!